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My Baby Can Talk - Exploring Signs DVD
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My Baby Can Talk - Sharing Signs DVD
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My Baby Can Talk - First Signs DVD
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My Baby Can Talk - Series of 3 DVDs
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American Sign Language for Kids and Adults Vol 1
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The American Sign Language Puzzle Book
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The Fun Way To Learn To Sign
Signing Smart™ Treasure Chest Volume 2: Signs, Songs, and Rhymes DVD with Companion Audio CD
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Signing Smart™ Signs: ASL Video Glossary DVD
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Basic Signs - An Introduction to ASL
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There are important new trends in American Sign Language. Colleges and universities are beginning to accept ASL as a foreign language requirement fulfilment. Homeschoolers find this to be an excellent foreign language to study. Young mothers are thrilled to see the early communication from their young toddlers who have been taught to sign. We have collected articles of interest for you. Click below.
Free List of Parent Information Resources: Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Credit goes to the State of Minnesota. This is an extensive list you must have!

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