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American Sign Language for Kids and Adults Vol 1
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The American Sign Language Puzzle Book
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Basic Signs - An Introduction to ASL
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American Sign Language Books
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We have a collection of books that will aid you in teaching or learning American Sign Language. These include Baby Sign and Signing Smart™ Products. Signing Smart™ tools consist of DVDs and videos, learning kits, and flash cards as well as books. For adults and homeschoolers we offer The American Sign Language Phrase Book and The American Sign Language Puzzle Book, which can make learning sign language fun.
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1.   Signing Smart™ Intermediate Handbook
The Signing Smart(TM) Intermediate Handbook is designed for families or caregivers who feel confident and comfortable signing with their children. It is for those families who seek to go to the "next level" to use signs as tools for conceptual development, for facilitating longer signed and/or spoken sentences, and to enhance learning.
Item No. 53
2.   Signing Smart™ Beginner Handbook
Signing Smart™ presents an opportunity for you and your entire family to interact with your child on a completely new level. By using Signing Smart™ techniques and American Sign Language signs while talking with your child, you give him or her the tools to communicate months earlier and with a broader, more extensive vocabulary in both spoken words and signs.
Item No. 51
3.   The American Sign Language Phrase Book
The American Sign Language Phrase Book functions as both an instant reference tool and a long-term study guide for those interested in understanding and utilizing ASL. This is a reference guide to everyday expressions in American Sign Language. It provides a quick way for a hearing person to converse with people who are deaf or hearing impaired. This edition is updated and expanded and is a bestselling manual illustrated with thousands of line drawings and easy to use.
Item No. PHR
4.   Baby Signs: Talk With Your Baby Before Your Baby Can Talk
This one-of-a-kind classic shows you how to encourage your baby's use of nonverbal gestures to enhance communication. Simple hand movements signify objects, events, and needs, so your infant can enjoy interactions with you that otherwise would have been impossible until they could talk. New features of this revised edition include helpful tips on incorporating Baby Signs into the day care setting and more than 50 additional illustrated Baby Signs.
Item No. BaSi
5.   Signing Smart™ Holiday Handbook
This book contains an extensive user-friendly dictionary with photos, descriptions, and mnemonics for over 75 hard-to-find, holiday-themed ASL signs (from RUDOLPH and MRS.-CLAUS to SCARECROW and GIFT to MENORAH and LATKA to name just a few). In addition to many family-friendly suggestions to make the season fun, there are a number of holiday songs with suggested signs as well as many Signing Smart™ strategies specific to making signing successful over the holidays.
Item No. SSHH
6.   Signing Smart with Babies and Toddlers: A Parent's Strategy and Activity Guide
Through a step-by-step comprehensive plan to get started and the four simple Keys to Signing Smart Success, parents and caregivers are given all the tools and resources they need to easily and seamlessly integrate signs and Signing Smart strategies into life’s everyday routines and play time. The book uses American Sign Language (ASL) signs and highlights a collection of more than 70 family-friendly activities...
Item No. SSBT
7.   The American Sign Language Puzzle Book
The American Sign Language Puzzle Book is an entertaining way for anyone learning to sign to test and build his or her knowledge. Featuring topics such as Everyday Expressions, Health, Clothing, Numbers, Time, and Money, The American Sign Language Puzzle Book incorporates an engaging variety of puzzle types, including scramble puzzles, word searches, matching puzzles, and crosswords, which are all complemented by exceptionally clear and helpful illustrations.
Item No. PUZ
8.   The Puzzle Book Vol. 2
Learn American Sign Language skills and have fun with ASL games, puzzles, brainteasers, and more. Fun activities for homeschoolers or for a baby shower games.
Item No. Puz_Vol2
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