The Puzzle Book Vol. 2
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My Baby Can Talk - Exploring Signs DVD
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My Baby Can Talk - Sharing Signs DVD
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My Baby Can Talk - First Signs DVD
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My Baby Can Talk - Series of 3 DVDs
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American Sign Language for Kids and Adults Vol 1
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The American Sign Language Puzzle Book
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The Fun Way To Learn To Sign
Signing Smart™ Treasure Chest Volume 2: Signs, Songs, and Rhymes DVD with Companion Audio CD
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Signing Smart™ Signs: ASL Video Glossary DVD
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Basic Signs - An Introduction to ASL
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Over 500 Basic ASL Vocabulary Words

Signing Smart™ Intermediate Handbook

More information to help you teach your baby

~ The next step ! ~

The Signing Smart(TM) Intermediate Handbook is designed for families or caregivers who feel confident and comfortable signing with their children. It is for those families who seek to go to the "next level" to use signs as tools for conceptual development, for facilitating longer signed and/or spoken sentences, and to enhance learning. Some highlights from this handbook include: 1) All new child-friendly signs (with sign descriptions and mnemonics, as well as adult and child photos of each sign). 2) Information about language milestones (e.g., early sentences and early conversations in both signs and speech) and ways to use signs to support, encourage, and facilitate speaking. 3) Ways to use signs to promote a love of reading and to enhance storytelling. 4) Suggestions for using signs to highlight and facilitate the understanding of various concepts. For example, signs are useful tools when teaching opposites (e.g., HOT vs. COLD with signs), when emphasizing conceptual groupings (e.g., signaling that an eagle is a kind of bird by signing BIRD while saying "eagle"), and when pointing out English synonyms (e.g., signing RABBIT when reading a book about a hare). 5) Additional sign modification strategies to use with infants and toddlers accustomed to seeing signs. These strategies allow parents to create longer more sustained interactions, which further intimacy, communication, and learning.
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